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Ark Hunter


Bottom Of The World, Doll Parts, I Almost Prayed


America Olivo

Alethea is a female Irathient, an Ark Hunter and a member of the Divided Allegiance.


Alethea was a warrior back in the Votanis System and through ritual combat gained passage aboard one of the Arks. Instead of taking it she gave up her place to the Spirit Leader of her tribe and the Council of Elders awarded her passage for her selflessness. After arriving on Earth she served as a border guard in the Omec colony in Mexico where she made friends with local Humans however when the Pale Wars started she served on the front lines of the Florida Campaign. In 2031 when the Arks fell she was in the Everglades and when chemical weapons gave rise to mutants Alethea rallied the surviving Votan troops and took shelter in an abandoned bunker. When Votan High Command told her that there would be no rescue mission she took it upon herself to get her squad out of danger, taking several Earth Military Coalition soldiers into her group and led them to safety. This group remained together after the war calling themselves the Divided Allegiance. She and her clan hope to get enough Scrip together in order to buy passage to Antarctica. [1]

She was at some point she was chosen by the Kaziri and affected by Irisa Nyira. She came to an area near Defiance and joined others that had been infected and watched as Irisa used a Terrasphere to power up the pods of the Kaziri and contain several of the pilgrims that had arrived. When Tommy Lasalle, who she believed was still affected by the Kaziri, brought Joshua Nolan to their camp and told them that he was his prisoner, Alethea told the others to put down their guns. She watched as Nolan fought with Sukar and was knocked unconscious when several Positronic charges detonated. She awoke with the others and was eventually placed into Kaziri pods to await the Terraforming of Earth. (Bottom Of The World, Doll Parts, I Almost Prayed)


  • Alethea is the winner of the Play the Game - Join the Show competition.