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Bay Area

North America, Earth

Under control of


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The Bay Area is an area of North America on Earth.



The Bay Area is located on the western coast of North America, to the west of the Storm Divide and to the north of Key Diego. (World of 2047: 2047 Map)


The Bay Area has a wide variety of environmental regions from the mountainous, rocky terrain of Mount Tam, to the plains of Madera, Marin and Sausalito where farms and mines are located. The area also has a severely terraformed region that was once San Francisco where pools of liquidized Gulanite lay and sheer waves of rock dominate the landscape. The Environment houses a variety of animal life from Earth animals such as the Seagulls, Pigeons, Squirrels, Rabbits and Chickens, alien life such as Votan rats, and hybridized alien lifeforms such as Hellbugs and Pow. The Bay also has numerous plant species such as Grazbi, Hanging Bride, Blood Grass and the Stalked Crab Plant. (Main Mission:Chaos Reigns, Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain, Side Mission:Pools of the North, Soleptor Excavation, Side Mission:Stay Off the Grazbi, Side Mission:The Hanging Bride, Side Mission:Exceptional Growth)



The majority of the population is made up of Humans and Irathients but the Bay Area is also home to Castithans, Indogene, Sensoth, and Liberata, and some other races such as the Ninety-Niners and the Mutants.

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