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Pale skin, white hair, lighter eye colors, pink blood, strong sense of smell



Form of government

Votanis Collective



First appearance

Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain

"Castithans are tricky. They're obsessive about their past, who their ancestors were, what liro they were born into."
Nicolette Riordon - Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go

The Castithans are one of the Votan races.



Castithan handshake

Castithans look almost entirely human but have much paler, whiter skin, lighter hair colors and eye colors that range from pale pink to orange and pale blue. Castithan blood is white or light pink in color. Castithans have a much stronger sense of smell compared to humans. They are immune to Viral hemorrhagic fever and are capable of inter-breeding with humans as they reproduce relying on androgenesis, that is only with the paternal chromosomes. (World of 2047: Alien Races & Cultures, The Serpent's Egg, Past Is Prologue, The Bride Wore Black, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Episode Mission:On Record)


Castithans view themselves as the most important of any species often leading to many other species viewing them as arrogant. Female Castithans are expected to be submissive to the males, as well as not being allowed to bathe alone, doing so would bring shame to themselves and their family. Castithans are very liberal in regards to sex and often use it to get their way. Castithans view bathing as a family activity and wealthy Castithans bathe at least three times a day. (New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World, Defiance Wiki:Production Images, I Just Wasn't Made For These Times)


Marusha, or one's social worth, is a concept important to the Castithans. Marusha is their social standing, their behavior, accomplishments and how well they perform in their social roles. If a Castithan fulfills their roles appropriately they are able to spend their free time any way they want; however if a male member disapproves of a females free time choices they are expected to give their pursuit up. Castithans will do what they can to ensure that they reclaim their marusha if it is hurt, even resorting to murder but ensuring that no one knows they did it. (Good Bye Blue Sky, Inside Defiance: Episode 7, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Everything Is Broken, Past Is Prologue)


Ferik, leader of the Thorn Liro

Castithan society was originally separated into a strict system of liros, or castes, and interactions between the various castes was rare; however some higher liro members married lower liro members. This social system was fragmented after their arrival on Earth and led to the system being challenged by the newly created Thorn Liro. Single members of a liro are believed to be able to take the honor of all of their liro if they behave a certain way, leading to them having to undertake a cleansing ceremony to purify themselves, their family and their liro. Castithans have a special handshake between members of different liros, running the backs of their hands across one another. Members of the highest liro believe that their own spit is cleaner than everything below them. (Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, Main Mission:Valáne Liro: Upper Caste Arena, Main Mission:The Whisper's Scream, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, Inside Defiance: Episode 4, If I Ever Leave This World Alive)

The liros are:


The Castithans religion, Shirivanawo, is monotheistic following the god Rayetso. Their religion has a strict dogma and violation of these practices are harshly persecuted. (New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, Defiance Wiki:Production Images)


Onulu Toruku, assassinated

The Castithans evolved on the planet Daribo along with the Indogene. Around 4,000 BCE the Castithans sent raiding parties to Irath to round up Sensoth to be used as slave labor and had to put up with resistance from the Irathients who took it upon themselves to fight for the Sensoth. The Castithans put many of the Irathients into caves and flooded them with chlorine gas, killing the Irathients in an event that became known as the Great Diaspora. The Castithans were one of the founding members of the Votanis Collective and have held the seat of power among the organization since the beginning. In 3502 BCE Indogene scientists discovered that the Votanis System was going to be destroyed but the other races did not believe their findings, until Kumbak Iro, the Skabolo of the Shirivanawo religion, asked the Castithans to join in the efforts to save the Votans that they put their full support behind building the Arks. (Inside Defiance: Episode 9, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Loading screen, World of 2047: Timeline of the Future, New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World)

In 3317 BCE the Indogene terraformed a planet orbiting Sulos and Castithan leaders in the Votanis Collective named it Casti and appropriated it as a new home to the wealthy elite. When the Arks were being completed the Castithans decided to only send those of the higher liros aboard, however many lower liro members gambled or bartered their way aboard or even stowed away. Castithans were one of the races, along with the Irathients and the Indogene, to have more of their race on the Arks, something which the other races found to be unfair. When the Votans arrived on Earth, their ambassador to the United Nations was the Castithan Onulu Toruku. In 2046 a new liro arose on Earth - the Thorn Liro - who opposed the traditional, and strict, caste system used by the Castithans. (World of 2047: Timeline of the Future, New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World, U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil, Main Mission:The Whisper's Scream, Main Mission:Shanje Liro: Ruling Caste Arena)

Known Castithans