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Earth Military Coalition


Earth Military Coalition

"Cerberuses are relics of the Pale Wars. They are quick to turn the tide of any New Frontier conflict."
Pursuit:Cerberus License

The Cerberus Reconnaissance Support Vehicle, commonly referred to as Cerberus, is a three person vehicle built by the Earth Military Coalition.


These vehicles are capable of carrying tons of gear and three passengers. They also included a mounted chain gun and rocket systems. Cerberus also have a type of carburetor and some type of computer that requires motherboards. (Defiance Wiki:Production Images, Side Mission:Lost in Transit, Side Mission:Tracking a Package)


  1. Speed +16.0%
  2. Boost Amount +0.6%
  3. Boost Refill +0.2%
  4. Boost Speed +8.0%
  5. DMG +18.0%
  6. Hit Points +20.0%


These vehicles were mass produced during the Pale Wars for use by the EMC. Today many of them are used by roving gangs and militias. Jon Cooper drives a Cerberus, with the turret gun removed. Echelon sometimes provides these vehicles during their competitive trials such as Shadow War. Varus Soleptor also had some of these stored on 101 Keys Island. Rosa Rodriguez had a carburetor prototype sent to her, which ended up in a Hellbug nest. (Defiance Wiki:Production Images, Main Mission:An Unexpected Delay, Freight Yard, Explosions 101, Side Mission:Lost in Transit)