Charge blade

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Charge blade
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Energy blade


The Charge blade, ezuchiro in Kastíthanu, is an energy weapon created by the Indogene, though it was quickly adopted by the Castithans and seems to be a significant part of their modern culture.


Charge blades consist of a metal hilt which produces a blade of hard light and when activated produced a monofilament that forms the blade. Some charge blades can be extended for a larger blade and can come in a variety of colors including blue, orange, gray, green, red, purple, pink and yellow. (World of 2047: Technology, The Devil In The Dark, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go)

Known Charge blades


The Charge blade was originally developed by the Indogene as a surgical tool, as it was sterile, but has since been appropriated for use by the Castithans, particularly the Castithan mafia. Dr. Meh Yewll uses a charge blade for surgery. Both Datak and Alak Tarr have large charge blades as does Solomon Birch. (World of 2047: Technology, Pilot, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go)