Dark Matter Bulwark

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Dark Matter Bulwark
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Dark Matter



First appearance

Main Mission:Radio Silence

"Dark Matter's bulwarks have a remarkably accurate targeting system as well as an almost instantaneous tactical decision program."
Contract:Artificial Intelligence

Dark Matter Bulwark is a class of Dark Matter.


Bulwarks are large robotic entities that serve as part of Dark Matter. Bulwarks have data cores which store the bulwarks orders and information on the mech itself. Bulwarks have sophisticated tactical programs which work instantaneously to target enemies and decide on a course of action. (Contract:Always On, Contract:Artificial Intelligence)


Dark Matter utilized many of these robots as guard and soldiers when they invaded San Francisco. Some of these Bulwarks were reprogrammed by an Ark Hunter to allow Rosa Rodriguez time to hack a disabled Dark Matter Monolith. (Main Mission:Rosa's New Toy)