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Datak Tarr
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Tony Curran

"I do these things, endure these painful encounters so our son never has to. This is my gift."
— Datak Tarr

Datak Tarr is a male Castithan, a member of the Shanje Liro, the husband of Stahma Tarr and the father of Alak Tarr.


Early life

Datak was part of one of the lower liros on Casti and his father served in a holy temple. When Datak was in his late teens the Arks were going through their final preparations and he managed to win entry aboard the Arks in a game of Ivali however his father refused to go with him as he would not leave the Castithan scrolls unattended. While on board Datak met Stahma and pursued her aggressively attracting the attention of Stahma's betrothed. He challenged Datak to a blood duel but while on his way he was mysteriously blown out an airlock and Datak was able to have Stahma. (The Bride Wore Black, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go)


Datak works for Hunter

As a member of a lower liro Datak had to work to get the respect of other Castithans and the fear of Humans, bringing himself into the Shanje Liro. Datak and Stahma married and had a son, Alak. He and his family eventually moved to the town of Defiance where Datak would organize fights in back alleys and hijack and rob people in order to gain power. He started working with Hunter Bell on making some of his business more legitimate such as the fights and gambling. When Datak tried to get more of a share of the profits, Hunter had Datak beaten only to be saved by Rafe McCawley. After Hunter disappeared Datak expanded his business taking control of some of Hunter's events and even some of his employees such as Raiga Suhon. (The Bride Wore Black, Pilot)

Datak enforces Casti tradition

Datak continued to send Scrip to the Votanis Collective as his form of support. In 2046 Datak co-sponsored the Armistice Day celebrations in Defiance and became annoyed when Rafe received more applause from the audience than he did, noting that Rafe populated the crowd with his own people. Datak had to attend to some "business" with Elah Bandik. Stahma convinced Datak that allowing Alak to marry Christie McCawley would be beneficial to them, should something happen to Rafe and Quentin, Christie would inherit the McCawley Mines and would have to turn to her new family for help. When a force of Volge arrived to attack the town, Datak helped fight them and even offered to forgive the vig on all debts to all those who fought. (Brothers In Arms, Pilot)

When Elah fled during the battle with the Volge and was captured, Datak accused him of cowardice and so he underwent the cleansing ceremony. When Stahma asks him why he sticks to these traditions when it was these traditions that kept him at the bottom, Datak replies that it is now that he is on top and able to step on those below. When Irisa Nyira and Tommy Lasalle take Elah from the ceremony Datak travels with his men to get him back, however with Rafe and Amanda Rosewater show up he instead offers to pardon Elah. Later Elah allows himself to be killed to not shame his family and Datak slits his throat, leaving his body at the door of the Lawkeepers office. (Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go)

Datak forced to help Madis

When Christie stays with the Tarrs, she cooks a Votan River Otter and Datak insults it, not knowing that Christie can understand him. Shortly after when Hellbug Skitterlings attack her and his son, Datak kills them with his charge blade. After Kenya Rosewater disappeared, Joshua Nolan and Amanda came to get information from him but due to the aggressive and disrespectful manner he refused to help them. Amanda agreed to allow Datak on the town council for his help and Datak showed Nolan to Skevur who had been instructed to make it look like he was hiding something until Datak asked him. Nolan however surmised this was Datak's plan. (The Devil In The Dark, A Well Respected Man)

Datak aligns with Colonel Marsh

Datak arrived home to find Pol Madis in his house who had cooked Datak a bowl of Bulgur ashkan. Datak feigned hospitality but then told Madis to leave, however he had placed Nanotabs in the food and used them to inflict pain in Datak in order to get him to help. When Nolan arrived Datak was kind and courteous to him in order to tip him off and when Madis had Datak help him escape Nolan came after them. Some time later Kenya, who was often visited by Datak, refused to be with him and instead sent Tirra; Datak felt this was disrespectful and left in anger. During an outbreak of viral hemorrhagic fever Datak was the only member of the town council not sick nor otherwise disposed and went to negotiate with the Irathients who had stolen the cure. Datak had them killed but was attacked by Dilaha Patigyekpu and forced to beg for his life. When free Datak killed Dilaha and then killed Connor Lang who had witnessed him begging for his life from a woman. (Brothers In Arms, I Just Wasn't Made For These Times, If I Ever Leave This World Alive)

Datak removes all witnesses

Datak learned that his plan to take control of the mines would not work as Rafe had caught on and was having the mines given to the Irathients instead of his daughter should he die, so he called Alak and Christie's wedding. Alak went ahead with is anyway and Datak showed up, taking part in the ceremony but feeling dishonored by his own son. Datak had Alak perform a shaming ritual and then had him get Kupak Kurr to shoot Amanda in the face with a paintball gun which caused Nolan to shoot and kill Kupak, damaging Amanda's reputation. Datak aligned with Colonel Galen Marsh for his support in the mayoral election. Datak learned that Stahma had been having an affair with Kenya and so told her to kill Kenya. Datak won the election and when Marsh took control of the mines himself, Datak felt betrayed and when Marsh told him that once this was all over Datak would be nothing, he killed Marsh. (The Bride Wore Black, Past Is Prologue, Everything Is Broken)


Morality and Wisdom

Datak fights
"It is now that I am standing on top pissing on those below!"
— Datak Tarr

Datak is strong believer in the traditions of the Castithan people, although only now that he is in the highest liro and able to persecute and step on those below him. He follows the strict gender and familial roles of his people and feels that his own family must be held to these regards as when they do not it is a reflection on him. (Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, Pilot, Past Is Prologue, Everything Is Broken)

Abilities and Skills

Datak and Stahma

Datak has skills in manipulating people both with subterfuge methods as well as forceful pressure. He also has skills in hand-to-hand combat as well as firing conventional weapons with a fair amount of accuracy. As a Castithan he is fluent in Kastíthanu. (Pilot, Everything Is Broken)





  • Datak is 6'2" tall and weighs approximately 190lbs. [1]