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Defiance is a massively multiplayer online shooter game developed and produced by Trion Worlds, as a tie in with the Syfy series Defiance. Defiance was developed for the PC, PlayStation® 3, and Xbox 360® entertainment consoles and was released on April 2nd, 2013. Defiance was originally buy-to-play but became free-to-play on June 4th, 2014 for PC, August 12th, 2014 for PlayStation® 3 and November 18th, 2014 for Xbox 360®. [1] [2] [3]


Replay Storyline.png
Von Bach is found


Relics of Defiance

Travel to the Bay Area with Karl Von Bach to unlock the secrets of the ark core.

Karl Von Bach of Von Bach Industries, working in conjunction with the Earth Republic, is calling for a variety of Ark Hunters to accompany him to the San Francisco Bay Area in search of a piece of valuable arktech - an ark-cell and an ark-matrix. With them he intends to complete an ark-core and then use it to power up a Terra-spire to learn how to reverse the terraforming done to Earth.

Hellbugs attack

Von Bach and his ark hunters board the EMS New Freedom with a contingent of Earth Republic Army soldiers led by Captain Noah Grant and make the journey across North America. Shortly before landing they are mysteriously shot down and crash into Mount Tam, causing the death of many aboard and leading to the disappearance of Karl Von Bach during the evacuation.

After arriving the ark hunters activate their recently implanted Environmental Guardian Online, or EGO, devices which help them navigate the area and control their new abilities given to them by the EGO. Finding Captain Grant and his men working on rescuing the survivors of the crash and getting medical attention to those injured so they are unable to help in their search for Von Bach, however Grant offers assistance if the ark hunter can help them out first.

Helped by another ark hunter, Cass Ducar, they help in stopping Mutant Snipers from attacking the crash survivors, clearing Mutants out of a nearby medical facility so E-Rep technicians can retrieve supplies and then helping to reestablish communications with Columbia the ark hunter locates Von Bach who has sought refuge in a supposedly abandoned bunker and must rescue him from the Mutants. Taking Von Bach to the safety of Paradise's Lawkeeper Jon Cooper, the ark hunter helps in locating the arktech but first must help Cooper with some local troubles involving odd behaving Hellbugs. The ark hunter and Cooper then have to rescue Von Bach from a group of attacking Raiders and then take him to Ara Shondu, the local Votanis Collective Frontier Ambassador.

Ara introduces them to Varus Soleptor, the local mining magnate, who agrees to help them locate the arktech in exchange for helping him get the Raiders out of his mines. Eventually it is learned that Varus had an ark-matrix in his possession but intended to sell it. Unfortunately, the Raiders learned of this and stole the ark-matrix, who in turned tried to sell it to Dark Matter, a former Votanis Collective army unit. Dark Matter instead took the ark-matrix and killed the Raiders.

Deciding that it is in their best interest to locate the ark-cell so Dark Matter cannot get it they seek the help of local inventor Rosa Rodriguez and her friend Eren Niden. Finding that the ark-cell had been located by Echelon mercenaries who removed the tracking anode from it, they pretend to be looking for work from Varus, who is known to have hired Echelon mercenaries.

The ark hunter does a few odd jobs for Varus but then learns that the Ninety-Niners have gotten their hands on it. Rosa and the ark hunter discover that the Ninety-Niner who has it, Jackleg Joe, who killed Rosa's father, is in the Dogtown Mine and they seek him out, kill him and retrieve the ark-cell. The ark hunter takes the cell to Cooper and Von Bach and begin planning their next move. Unknown to Cooper and the ark hunter, Von Bach places the cell in the core and is infected with some form of entity.

Cooper realizes that they have to learn where Dark Matter is in order to get the ark-matrix and so seek out the Raiders to discover what they know. They go to meet an old friend of Coopers Torc Mok who agrees to help on the condition that they help him get the Raiders out of Sausalito. When Headlands Transit Depot is attacked by the Raiders and Dark Matter, they decided to take out the Raiders local leader Santana Murphy and shut them down for good.

They learn that Dark Matter has gained control of a Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System, which they used to attack the EMS New Freedom, and that they must take it back. They infiltrate Cronkhite Bunker and take the weapon under their control. The four of them head to the Golden Gate Bridge to cross to San Francisco and witness that Dark Matter has placed a Dark Matter Monolith to stop them from getting across.

They use the Nova-Strike to attack the Monolith and gain access to the bridge. On their way across they are attacked by Dark Matter and their leader Nim Shondu who takes the ark-core and ark-cell from Von Bach. When he does the entity takes control of Von Bach, grabs Coopers weapon and attacks Nim. Unhurt by the attack Nim hurls Von Bach through a hole in the bridge and to his death in the water below.

Learning that Nim plans to use the arktech to reactive a terra-spire and terraform the planet again in order to wipe out the Humans they move into San Francisco. Cass Ducar helps the ark hunter establish communications and then shuts down a Dark Matter base at Bernal Tower to stop their control of their Monolith mechs. With little help for them they reprogram some of the local Scrapper robots and then take control of one of the Monolith mechs.

As the Earth Republic Army moves in the ark hunter helps to stop Dark Matter weapons from attacking them and prepare for the assault on Dark Matter capturing Downtown from them and rescuing technicians and medics who had been captured. When they are ready the Scrappers are activated, the mech is moved into position and the assault begins. Fighting their way to Presidio Bunker the ark hunter, Cooper, Torc and Cass go after Nim.

New arktech is discovered

As Nim has a powerful EGO device only the ark hunter stands a chance against him. The two fight but the ark hunter manages to defeat and kill Nim and prevent the terra-spire from activating. With the Bay Area safe once more they all return to Ara Shondu's place with the burnt out core. Unknown to them the core sparks to life and Von Bach's body, lying on a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge, opens his eyes...

DLC 1: Castithan Charge Pack

A mysterious Castithan has arrived in the Bay Area and puts Ark Hunters through a series of tests to determine their worthiness to become part of the Thorn Liro, a new class who opposes the strict and domineering castes of Castithan society.

DLC 2: Arkbreaker

A strange Arkfall has landed in the Bay and Dark Matter has gotten their hands on a very powerful, and very profitable, technology - a technology to bring down the Arks themselves and plunder all that is within. Commandeering this technology, ark hunters come face to face with a very dangerous enemy.

DLC 3: The 7th Legion

When the world fell apart, one group kept their courage. Guided by the teachings of the Code of Bushido, the soldiers of the 7th Legion marched across Canada gathering survivors as they went. From one outpost to another they marched until finally they found a city which did not fall: Manhattan. There, they made their stand against the darkness, and Commander Yoshida Hiro called an end to their long journey. Now they have come to Paradise. What dread news could this herald?

DLC 4: Gunslinger Trials

Gunslinger Trials picks up after the disappearance of Karl Von Bach and during the expansionist push of the Earth Republic’s Terrestrian Party. Ark hunters will face three new mission lines, each presented by a different member of Von Bach Industries: Azumi Yoshida – Former COO of Von Bach Industries, and acting CEO; Uvan Johaar – Senior Technician at Von Bach Industries; and Raizar Zandijur – VBI Consultant to the Earth Republic.

DLC 5: Arktech Revolution

The revolution is underway! Dive into new expert events and co-op maps, contracts, pursuits and more with the latest Defiance DLC. Hunt advanced enemies with legendary weapons and mods from Chimera, a rising force in the underground arms trade, and fifteen new nano-effect EGO perks. Only the best-equipped will survive!

The Guiding Light

The Guiding Light missions wrap up the storyline about the disappearance and strange reappearance of Karl Von Bach, deals with the new threat of the Ark-Brain LOCI bent on taking his pilgrims away from the destruction wrought by the Kaziri under Defiance and preventing the terrorist Melak Vor from trying to re-terraform the planet and kill off the humans.


Part of the game map

During the run of the television show seasons a series of unique missions become available that provide crossover material. These missions help to complement, add to or complete stories from the show and vice versa. Characters from both the show and the game will crossover to the other.


The overworld is the open world map of the Bay Area comprising the territories of Madera, Marin, Mount Tam, San Francisco, Sausalito and Silicon Valley. Players can interact with one another and travel around the Bay Area undertaking missions. The open-world PvP Shadow War is also available in the overworld, as are arkfalls, sieges, incursions and other side missions, challenges and time trials. The overworld is populated with numerous enemies and emergency events.


Main Missions.png
Side Missions.png
Time Trials.png
Episode Mission.png
Main Mission
Side Mission
Time Trial
Episode Mission


A number of activities can be undertaken to complete a Pursuit such as killing a certain number of enemies, using EGO Powers when killing enemies, driving a collective distance, discovering areas, reaching EGO thresholds and many other activities. Completion of pursuits gains XP, EGO Rating, Outfits, Headgear and Titles.


Each day new contracts are put out by five different factions: Echelon, Paradise Territory, Soleptor Enterprises, Top-Notch Toolworks and Von Bach Industries. Completion of these contracts give faction reputation which can be put towards buying new weapons and gear from faction vendors.

Co-op Maps

Players can take part in 4-player co-op maps which explore different facets of the story in unique locations around the Bay Area. Co-op maps come in a variety of difficulties: Standard (EGO Rating 1000), Advanced (EGO Rating 3000) and Expert (EGO Rating 5000). Some of these maps have vehicle components including being able to use the combat vehicle Cerberus. The co-op maps are:

PvP Maps

Players can take part in group player-vs-player maps in several Bay Area locations. Some of these maps have access to vehicles including the combat vehicle Cerberus. Players receive Scrip and XP as well as receiving awards. The PvP maps are:

Shadow War

Character creation

Players can also take part in an Overworld player-vs-player event called Shadow War where two teams combat each other to hold capture points for as long as possible and kill the opposing team members. Players have access to the Cerberus vehicle in Shadow War.


Players are able to choose to be either Human, Irathient or Castithan, provided they have the Castithan Charge Pack DLC. Players can choose to be either male or female as well as choosing facial bone structure, nose shape, mouth shape, eye shape and color and skin color. Players can choose from six different voice types: Professional, Hotshot, Veteran, Lunatic, Maverick and Everyman. Players also have a large amount of control over their outfits as well as their tattoos and facepaint.

Non-playable characters


The Cloak

Players choose one of four origins for the character. Origins provide some information about the background of the character and chooses the players first set of weapons and outfit. Origins do not hinder the use of any weapon or ability. The origins are:


Players earn points and spend them on special offensive and defensive abilities and can modify these abilities to suit their actions.

XP and levels

Everything players do gains them XP, whether it is killing enemies, driving around, ranking up weapons or finishing missions and pursuit. When a threshold is reached the player will gain a higher EGO Rating. With each new tier an EGO Point is unlocked and can be spent on EGO Powers or perks.

Salvage Matrix

Players are able to modify four different facets of their weapons in the Salvage Matrix, adding Barrel, Sight, Magazine and Stock modifications which can provide numerous bonuses to the weapons. The Charge blades can also be given new color blades in the Salvage Matrix.


Players are able to trading weapons, shields, grenades and modification items to others, either for free or for something in return.


Defiance has 7 currencies: Scrip, Keycodes, Ark Salvage, Arkforge, Caeruleum Cores, Ark Spike Batteries and Bits. Scrip, Keycodes and Caeruleum Cores can be used for purchasing items from Vendors and Lock Boxes, Ark Salvage and Arkforge is required for modifying items, Bits are used in the Defiance Store and Ark Spike Batteries are used to call down Arkfalls.


Clan activities page

Players are capable of creating clans or joining existing ones. This is done via the Social Menu. An EGO Rating of 50 is required to join or create, and 5000 scrip is required to create a clan. Clan members are given ranks among the clan such as Founder, Leader and Recruit. Clans are capable of gathering points through clan activities such as Arkfalls, Sieges, Challenges, Emergencies, Conflict Sites, Co-op Maps, Competitive Multiplayer maps and Arkbreaks.

Callouts and Emotes

Players are able to use six callouts: Help, Follow, Get In, Get Out, Go and Stay. Players are able to use eight emotes: Greet, Cheer, Taunt, Dance, No, Yes, Defiance and Kind.

Two attacking groups

Health and Death

If a player loses their shield, they have several health points. If a player loses their health points they become incapacitated, requiring either a friendly player to revive them, to self-revive or to extract to an Extraction Point. Self-Revive can only be used once before a cool down period is enacted.

A modified Assault Rifle



Loadouts are chosen weapon, gear and outfit selections. Players choose weapons, grenades, shield, Spikes, Stims, EGO power, vehicle, Outfit, Headgear and Title and are able to change between loadouts.


Players receive many types of weapons from conventional firearms such as shotguns and grenade launchers to alien energy and bio weapons. Players can also unlock modifications for their weapons, installing new upgrades, magazines, grips and scopes. Players will be finding and acquiring weapons in many different ways.

One-person vehicle
Cerberus, a group vehicle


Players will equip various shields that have properties which make combat with enemies easier. Different shields have different capacities and recharge times making some better than others when fighting certain enemy groups.


Players are capable of spawning a selected vehicle at any point in the game.

  • Cerberus - A three person combat vehicle, only available on certain missions
  • Haulers - Large vehicles, only available on certain missions
  • Rollers - A wide variety of one and two person vehicles, three categories: Challenger, Duni Shetarru, Nomad
  • Runners - An assortment of single person vehicles, two categories: A-Tex and Terrestrial Motorworks

Spikes and Stims

Spikes are items that can be used to grant a bonus to an individual or group who are standing within the vicinity of the spike. Stims are special nanites that Ark Hunters can use for special bonuses to themselves.

Outfit, Headgear and Title

Ark Hunters can choose from a variety of Outfits, Headgear and Titles to alter their look. Outfits, Headgear and Titles offer nothing more than aesthetics and can be obtained through missions, pursuits and even purchased at vendors or in the Defiance Store.



Achievements and Trophies


Defiance features a built in VoIP.



  • Left button - Shoot
  • Scroll - Cycle weapons
  • Right button - Aim mode
  • Movement - Camera
  • Esc - Menu
  • 1 - Special
  • 2 - Weapons
  • 3 - Weapons
  • Q - Cycle weapons
  • E - Action
  • R - Reload
  • W - Up
  • A - Left
  • S - Down
  • D - Right
  • F - Melee
  • G - Grenade
  • K - EGO Grid
  • L - Loadouts
  • LShift - Sprint
  • C - Crouch
  • V - Vehicle
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Alt - Roll
  • U - Quick chat
  • Y - Quick menu


  • X - Jump
  • O - Crouch / (double tap) Roll
  • Square - Action / Reload
  • Triangle - Switch Weapon
  • Directional Pad Up - Spawn Vehicle
  • Directional Pad Down - Cycle Chat Channels
  • Directional Pad Left - Quick Chat
  • Directional Pad Right - Quick Menu
  • Start - Menu
  • Select - Map
  • Left Stick / L3 - Movement / Sprint
  • Right Stick / R3 - Camera / Melee
  • R1 - Shoot
  • R2 - Throw Grenade
  • L1 - (hold) Aim Mode
  • L2 - Use Ability

Xbox 360

  • Left trigger - Aim mode
  • Right trigger - Shoot
  • Left bumper - Special
  • Right bumper - Grenade
  • Left stick - Movement, Sprint (click)
  • Right stick - Camera, Melee (click)
  • Directional pad - Up - Vehicle
  • Directional pad - Left - Grouping
  • Back button - Map
  • Start button - Menu
  • Y - Select weapon
  • X - Action/Reload
  • B - Crouch
  • A - Jump


Defiance has several menus each with their own options:


Defiance is given an M class rating as it allows Trion to include harsher language and add to the realism.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for Defiance on PC are:

  • Operating system: Windows® XP SP2
  • Processor: Intel® core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz CPU or better
  • Memory: 2 GB System RAM
  • Hard drive space: 1.5 GB available
  • Video: 512MB video card (Nvidia® GeForce® 8600, ATI Radeon® HD 2900, or Intel® HD 4000 integrated graphics or better)
  • Sound: DirectX® 6.1 compatible sound card
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
  • Broadband internet connection


For a list of all Defiance production crew, see: Defiance credits


Development on the game has been going from at least August 2008. [4]


A persistent Alpha testing phase is currently running. Defiance held its first Beta test on January 18th, 2013 at 8AM PST which ended on January 20th, 2013 at 9PM PST for PC users. A second beta test for PC is scheduled for February 8th 8AM PST to February 10th 9PM PST. A third beta for PC and consoles was held between March 19th to March 26th - PC testing is from March 22nd, 8AM PDT to March 24th, 9PM PDT; PS3 testing is from March 19th, 8AM PDT to March 25th, 9PM PDT; and Xbox testing is from March 25th 8:00am PT to March 27th 8:00am PT. [5] [6] [7]


Trion began to take Defiance preorders in late January, 2013. In January 2013, Trion annoucned that NAMCO BANDAI Games had partnered with them to distribute the game in Europe, Middle-East, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. [8] [9]


Pre-ordering Defiance grants the player special rewards:

  • Guaranteed Beta invite
  • Outlander outfit
  • Weapon
  • 3 day XP boost
  • In-game title: Iron Demon
  • Red Dodge Challenger SRT8


Character gallery

Weapon gallery

Production gallery

Gameplay gallery

PvP awards