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The biggest and best wiki for the Syfy television show and Trion Worlds MMO game series Defiance. Follow Joshua Nolan, the local Lawkeeper in a frontier town known as Defiance or explore the terraformed world of the San Francisco Bay Area and battle with enemies. New to the wiki? Please read the FAQ and the introduction or don't hesitate to contact an admin. Also check out the site history.

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  • June 26th, 2015: Dead Air - A Votanis Collective explosion rocks Defiance; Nolan and Amanda plan escape after they are captured.
  • July 3rd, 2015: History Rhymes - Nolan and Irisa tour their past; Amanda and Doc Yewll ask the Omec to help rescue them.

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Eastshore Docks.png
Eastshore Docks is a dock in Marin in the Bay Area.

Eastshore Docks is located 730 meters south of Shondu's Consulate and 350 meters north of The Crossroads. The dock has several piers for ships to load and unload cargo as well as some loading machinery. There is a large dock office at the beginning of the docks which includes J's Bar upstairs and numerous notices for work including for Var Lind. There is no oil dumping allowed at the docks. Read more...

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Los Angeles - AngelArc

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