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These are the credits for the Defiance game.


Development Team

Executive Producer of Defiance

Senior Vice President of Development

Senior Producers

Project Manager

Additional Production


Engineering Development Director

Lead Tools Engineer

Tools Engineers

Lead Gameplay Engineer

Senior Gameplay Engineers

Lead Server Engineer

Senior Server Engineers

Server Engineers

Lead Technical Engineer

Senior Technical Engineers

UI Engineers

Additional Engineering


Design Development Manager

Design Producer

Design Lead

Creative Lead

Lead Content Designer

Senior Content Designers

Content Designers


Additional Writing

Senior Cinematic Designers

Cinematic Designers

Lead System Designer

Senior Technical Designers

Additional Design


Art Director

Art Development Manager

Art Producer

Lead Concept Artist

Senior Concept Artist

Concept Artists

Lead Character Artist

Senior Character Artists

Lead Environmental Artist

Senior Environmental Artists

Environmental Artists

Lighting Artist

Senior Technical Artist

Lead Animator

Lead Cinematic Animator

Technical Animator

Senior Animators

Lead Visual Effects Artist

Senior Visual Effects Artists

Visual Effects Artist

Senior UI Artist

Additional Art

Audio and Video

Lead Audio Designer

Audio Designer

Senior Audio/Visual Producer


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Assistant Leads

Technical Standards Analyst

Quality Assurance

Trion Worlds Development Team Redwood City

Senior Director of Development

Associate Development Director

Concept Artist

Lead Environmental Artist

Senior Environmental Artist

Environmental Artist

Junior Environmental Artists

Additional Art

Game Mechanic Studios

President & Creative Director




Art Director

Lead Environmental Artist

Environmental Artists

Texture Artists

Concept Artists

Double Helix Gaming

Head of Studio


Development Director

Associate Producer

Concept Art

Senior Concept Artist

Concept Artist

Associate Concept Artist

Character Art

Senior Character Artist

Character Artist

Associate Character Artists


Senior Artists


Human Head Studios

Character Art

Lead Character Artist

Character Artists

Concept Art

Lead Concept Artist

Concept Artists

Environment Art

Lead Environmental Artist

Environment Artists

Weapon Art

Lead Weapon Artist

Weapon Artists

Development Support




Development Director

Project Manager


Global Brand Director

Global Brand Director

North America Brand Director

European Brand Director

Product Manager, Europe

Associated Brand Manager

Media Manager

Email Manager

SEO & Analytics Manager


Director of Sales, North America

Commerce Director, Europe

Sales Team

Creative Services

Creative Director

Project Manager

Copy Lead


Graphics & Visual Design Team

Video Director

Video Editors

Video Capture

Web Development Manager

Web Team

Special Thanks

Girvin, Inc.

Executive Creative Director

Senior Designers

Associate Designer



Technical Support

Ichi LTD.

Managing Director

Creative Director

Senior Account Handling Producer

Account Director

Digital Producer

Account Executive

Art Directors



Flash Designer

Offline Editors


VBI Videos


Shoot Producer

Pre-order Trailer


Director of Photography

Shoot Producer

Production Manager

Public Relations & Community

Senior Director, Global Communications

Senior PR Managers

Head of European PR

Director, North American Community

Head of European Community

Community Team


Director of Localization

Localization Production

Translation Lead

French Translation

German Translation

Localization Quality, Assurance Lead

Quality Assurance

Localization Partners

Around the Word


Dune Sound


Enzyme Testing Labs


Technical Operations

Senior Vice President of Platform & Technology

Trion Network Platform

Senior Vice President of Service Opertations

Vice President of Service Operations

Project Management

Operations Support Center

Network Operations Center

Systems Integration

Desktop Support

Senior Manager of Information Technology

Systems Engineering

Network Engineering

Enterprise Security

Director of Data Services

Principle Architect, Data Services

Business Intelligence

Database Services

IT Producer

Customer Service and Quality Assurance

Senior Director of Customer Service and Quality Assurance

Customer Service Managers

Customer Service Leads

Quality Control

Knowledge Management & Analytics

Customer Service Team

QA Leads

QA Associate Leads

QA Analysis

Trion Corporate

CEO and Founder



Senior Vice President of Development

Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs

Associate, Legal and Business Affairs

Associate, Legal and Business Affairs

Director, Business Development

Senior VP and General Manager, Europe

Senior VP of Human Resources and Administration

Human Resources and Administration

Corporate Controller

Director of Global Publishing Operations

Financial Planning and Analysis

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Accounting Manager


Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Syfy


US-Games Account Management

Account Manager

Release Manager

UK-Games Account Management - EMEA

Account Manager

US-3PP Developer Account Management

Senior Developer Account Manager

LIVE Business Operations

Channel Manager 2


Account Relations Manager

Director of Publisher Relations

VP of Publisher Relations

Release Manager

Manager Operations

Content Manager

Sr. Marketing & Brand Specialist

Staff Developer Support Engineer


SCEE Publisher & Developer Relations

Senior Development Account Manager
European Development Account Manager
Development Account Coordinator

SCEE European Sales & Marketing

Partner Marketing Manager
Third Party Marketing Executive

SCEE Online Services



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