Delta Bunker East

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Delta Bunker East
Delta Bunker East.png

Mount Tam, Bay Area


1618, 166

Under control of


Current status


Delta Bunker East is an area in Mount Tam in the Bay Area.


Delta Bunker East is located 275 meters east of Delta Bunker West and 320 meters north of Checkpoint Delta.


Dr. Lyle Franklyn worked in this bunker during the Pale Wars and had Sgt. Pierce kidnap Dr. Alu Krulu and bring her down into the bunker so he could extract some adrenaline from her to make Adreno. Dr. Franklyn tested the adreno on Pierce which resulted in homicidal rage and he had to be deactivated. Captain Noah Grant sent an ark hunter here to test recovered entry codes when in search of a possible cure for the Mutants. Pierce, who had also been mutated along with the other EMC personnel, resided in the bunker, sending out others Mutants to bring back specimens in order to make adreno. A group of ark hunters were sent in and stopped him. (Data Recorder:Reporting for Duty, Data Recorder:She Hasn't Much Time, Data Recorder:Bioman Adreno Test, Side Mission:Code Dependency, Liberate the Lost)