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Echelon mercs.png
"...the world's largest mercenary corporation."
Pursuit:Climbing the Ranks of Echelon III

Echelon is a private military corporation.


Echelon consists of both Humans and Irathients. They hire out mercenaries and have fees should they die in combat. Echelon employs one of the last functional communication satellites to replay the data acquired from arkfall debris. (Main Mission:Hostile Takeover, Pursuit:Arkfalls and Uplinks)


Echelon is a private military corporation comprised of Human and Votan war veterans. Much close to being "soldiers of fortune" rather then "hired security." this mercenary organization works for the highest bidder. They provide clients with soldiers, techs and intelligence operatives in teams of varying size for single mission or operational terms. Unique among this PMC is that is also maintains its own manufacturing plant for weapons, gear and combat vehicles.


Known Echelon members


Echelon was founded by Viktor Zaitzev in 2032 enlisting various ex-special forces personnel. Echelon got their hands on a bunch of Earth Military Coalition weapons from a bunker with help from Senator Cofer Gray. Varus Soleptor hired Echelon mercenaries to protect him and his property. Varus' mercs recovered an Ark-Cell but the team was attacked by Jackleg Joe and killed. Varus let his mercs be used in San Francisco but they were pinned down by Dark Matter at Nob Hill and needed to be rescued. Colonel Galen Marsh hired Echelon mercs to help control the town of Defiance and search for Irisa Nyira; interrogator Jonah Keller was brought in to get the job done. Rothfuss met with Raizar Zandijur to try to get him to come and work for Echelon, but Raizar declined. (Data Recorder:Meeting with Senator Gray, Data Recorder:Testing Senator Gray, Data Recorder:A Chatterbox is a Treasure, Data Recorder:Senator Gray's Resignation, Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery, Main Mission:Ulterior Motives, Main Mission:A Series of Problems, Everything Is Broken, Intel:An Offer He Can Refuse)

Echelon hired Melak Vor to retrieve two Terraspheres in order to use them to start a war between the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective. A unit in Silicon Valley were in contact with Melak and were later attacked by an ark hunter looking for information. Echelon agents captured Cass Ducar and sent her to Vegas Prison. Despite Melak having a series of Echelon troops at his disposal, Echelon claimed to have no knowledge of his actions. (Main Mission:Pilgrims: Anti-social Networking, Mission 08: MagLev Train Chase, Mission 09: Rebuild A Radio Box, Mission 12: Save San Francisco)