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Mined Gulanite.png

Gulanite is a mineral which originated in the Votanis System.


Gulanite is a bright blue crystal, which gives off a soft glow. Gulanite was formed in the intense pressure of the gas giant Gula but can be replicated through Terraforming processes. It was formed from a number of other elements that were fused into a crystal structure. Gulanite is capable of being compressed to half its size while retaining its potential energy and can even exist in a liquidized form, which is bright green in color. Gulanite is the primary source of power for all arktech. Gulanite can be refined into Petrohol, both through industrial processes but also from Hellbug digestion enzymes. (World of 2047: Technology, Side Mission:Half the Size, Twice the Profit, Side Mission:Pools of the North, Loading screen, Contract:Certified Organic)


Gulanite was harvested from the planet Gula by the Gulanee in exchange for space aboard the Arks. It was introduced to earth during the Arkfall, embedding massive amounts of it in the crust. It seems it also became part of Earth after being duplicated through the terraforming process. (World of 2047: Technology, Loading screen)