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Irisa Nyira
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2024 [1]

  • Unnamed - Father
  • Unnamed - Mother
  • Joshua Nolan - Adoptive-father

Deputy Lawkeeper




Irisa Nyira - List of Appearances


Stephanie Leonidas, Katie Douglas, Rebecca Goldman


Stephanie Leonidas

"She was in a bad situation. I rescued her and raised her. She's a good girl."
Joshua Nolan

Irisa Nyira, also known as Irisa Nolan, is a female Irathient, the adoptive-daughter of Joshua Nolan, a deputy Lawkeeper of Defiance and the host of the Kelovan‏.


Early life

Irisa was born in 2024 on Earth. In early 2031 Irisa was in Denver where her parents joined an Idaka Church after being told that Irisa was Alakta, the "devouring mother", and one who could handle the Kelovan‏ and control the Kaziri. She was implanted with the silver Kelovan‏ by the cult in a ritual but before it could be complete the church was found by the Iron Demons who shot the members, including Irisa's parents, and she was rescued by Joshua Nolan. Irisa ended up in an refugee camp but was soon after rescued by Nolan and Eddie Braddock. Nolan raised Irisa as his own daughter and the two made a living doing various jobs across the continent. (Everything Is Broken, The Serpent's Egg, Pilot)


Irisa and Nolan joined the Von Bach Industries Bay Area Expedition, in order to make enough Scrip to get to Antarctica, journeying aboard the EMS New Freedom which was attacked and crashed into Mount Tam. The two managed to safely eject and found a Roller to get around, they detected an incoming arkfall and recovered some technology to sell before taking on a job with another Ark Hunter from Varus Soleptor to recover the Libera Nova Gem stolen by the Raiders. Realizing the gems value the two deceived the ark hunter and took it for themselves. They journeyed across the Storm Divide and tracked another arkfall which contained a terra-spire and used the gem to retrieve the terrasphere from within. (Main Mission:Recovery Mission, Episode Mission:A Little Competition, Episode Mission:The Searchers, Episode Mission:The Heist, Episode Mission:The Departed, Pilot)

Irisa and Nolan

As they were leaving the two were accosted by some Spirit Riders, one of whom took the gem from them. Irisa was captured by the Spirit Rider Sukar and so Nolan was told to hand over his pack, however Irisa removed a blade she had and stabbed Sukar in the leg creating a distraction so they could get away, however Irisa was shot in the leg. During their escape through a forest, she collapsed and Nolan had to carry her. They were attacked in the forest by Saberwolves but were rescued by Lawkeepers from a nearby town, Defiance and taken there. Irisa was operated on by the Indogene doctor Meh Yewll and patched up. They looked for work in town in order to purchase a Roller to get to New York and became involved in a fight at the local bar, the NeedWant and Irisa was put in jail while Nolan helped solve a murder. (Pilot)

Irisa frees Elah

When they learned that the town was going to be attacked by the Volge Nolan wanted to give them the terrasphere to save them, but Irisa did not want to hand it over stating that she did not care about the town and was angered that Nolan was once again blowing their chance to get rich and retire to Antarctica. She left as Nolan headed back to town and sought out the Spirit Riders asking for their help in fighting the Volge, knowing that they hated the Volge more than any others. She and the Spirit Riders arrived just in time to distract the Volge while the terrasphere was being set up and saved the town. Nolan was given the job as Chief Lawkeeper and he in turn made Irisa a deputy. (Pilot)

Deputy Lawkeeper

Sukar guides Irisa

When the local Castithans have a Castithan Cleansing ceremony for Elah Bandik, Irisa becomes upset at the torturous nature of the ceremony stopping a young Castithan from taking part and then cuts Elah down much to the annoyance of the other Castithans. She and Tommy Lasalle protect Elah from being taken back by the Castithans standing up against Datak Tarr. When Hellbugs attack several residents of the town Irisa discovers that she possesses the ability to see the past, present and future. Guided by Sukar in the Gyatu ritual, Irisa witnesses a vision of the past and learns that Rynn's parents were murdered and their land was stolen by some of the original Human inhabitants of the area and that she is responsible for bringing the Hellbugs to town and directing them to attack. Together with Nolan, Tommy and Sukar they enter an abandoned mineshaft, locate and arrest Rynn and then use explosives to kill the Hellbug Matron and pacify the hive. (Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, The Devil In The Dark)

Irisa helps Sukar

Irisa works with Nolan on stopping the guns being smuggled into town and arresting the smugglers, later helping find Kenya Rosewater who had been kidnapped. While Nolan goes out of town, Irisa notices a new Castithan man in town and recognizes the former leader of the Idaka Church Daigo, knocks him out and kidnaps him. She interrogates Daigo, threatening to kill him and attempting to get him to admit to who he is but he denies it. When Tommy finds her he tries to free Daigo but she stops him and eventually he admits to who he is and why he and his church held Irisa. Instead of killing him, which was what he wanted as it would complete the ritual he started long ago, she set him free knowing that his failure would haunt him. When Tommy confronts her about the situation, the two end up having sex. (A Well Respected Man, The Serpent's Egg)

Irisa meets Eddie Braddock when he comes to town, not remembering how he helped her and Nolan in the past and is later told all about him by Nolan. While sleeping one morning Irisa has a vision of Sukar being hit with a piece of Razor Rain and dying, waking up and heading out to the Badlands to find him. She it taken with the other Irathients to attend Sukar's sinking ritual, however Sukar is not harmed by the acidic bath and instead rises completely healed. He tells Irisa that he is being guided by Irzu, an Irathient god, and takes her to Defiance with him for some sort of holy mission. They gather a series of components and Sukar builds a device inside the Gateway Arch. Nolan arrives and tries to stop him telling Irisa that he is bringing a piece of one of the Arks down but Irisa activates it anyway. The device instead redirects the ark piece away from the town, however Sukar is badly injured in the fight and Irisa blames Nolan for not believing them. (Brothers In Arms, Good Bye Blue Sky)

The Kelovan‏ join inside Irisa

When a duplicate of Gordon McClintock was discovered aboard the piece of the Ark and later found to be a disguised Indo-sapiens Irisa tries to stop him but he overpowers her and escaped. During an outbreak of viral hemorrhagic fever in town, the council voted to quarantine the Irathients in the mines. When Rafe McCawley and his men came to get Irisa and the others she hurled Rafe off a roof and fought off the men but was captured. During a fight at Alak Tarr's bachelor party a body was discovered hidden inside the walls of the NeedWant. Tommy wanted to investigate it with Irisa helping him; during their examination she locate some Liberata hair inside the wall. Later she accompanied Tommy to Alak and Christie's wedding. (I Just Wasn't Made For These Times, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, The Bride Wore Black)

Devouring Mother

Irisa activates the Kaziri

Irisa begins spending more time with Tommy and during an intimate moment she begins to feel pain in her back and her legs become paralyzed. Unknown to her Dr Yewll had gained possession of the golden Kelovan‏ and was experimenting on it causing the silver one inside Irisa to react. Yewll carries out the experiment again and Nolan brings Irisa to her, who tells Nolan that Irisa has parasites that need to be removed. She instead lets the golden Kelovan‏ join with the silver one inside Irisa causing Irisa to flee into the forest, where she is found by Rynn. Rynn patches her up and brings her back to the Irathient camp where she is reunited with Nolan. E-Rep and Echelon mercenaries take the camp and capture Irisa forcing Yewll to attempt to get the Kelovan‏ out of her. She is rescued before that can happen but in the escape Nolan is shot and killed. Irisa sees a vision of Sukar who leads her into the mines and to the Kaziri where she meets with a Little Girl who claims to be Irzu and wants Irisa to be a weapon. Irisa remembers Nolan as she throws herself into the Kaziri and uses its power to revive Nolan. (Past Is Prologue, Everything Is Broken)


Irisa stands up for her people

Morality and Wisdom

Irisa's vision
"I don't like towns. We should leave."
— Irisa Nyira

Irisa is very protective of Nolan but also of the weak or people who are being tortured. She is not trusting of new groups of people especially towns preferring to continue moving through the Badlands with Nolan. She is always on her guard and always carrying many knives concealed in her clothing. Irisa also has a somewhat dark sense of humor seemingly taunting people in tense moments. (Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, The Bride Wore Black, Main Mission:Recovery Mission, If I Ever Leave This World Alive)

Abilities and Skills

Irisa is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat capable of taking on multiple opponents and is skills in the use of bladed weapons. She is able to fluently speak l'Irathi and Kastíthanu. Due to the Kelovan‏ inside of her she is capable of seeing visions of past, present and future events. (Pilot, Episode Mission:The Searchers, The Devil In The Dark, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Good Bye Blue Sky)


Irisa and Tommy


  • Unnamed - Father
  • Unnamed - Mother
  • Joshua Nolan - Adoptive-father