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Joshua Nolan
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April, 2003


Joshua Nolan - List of Appearances


Grant Bowler, Kieran McNally-Kennedy, Drew Haytaoglu, Jake Manley


Grant Bowler

"Nolan is a cocky, stubborn pain in the ass, but he's a good guy"
Amanda Rosewater

Joshua Nolan is a male Human, a former member of the EMC's Iron Demons and the Chief Lawkeeper of Defiance.


Early life

Nolan was born in April, 2003 in St. Louis and was 10 years old when the Votans arrived, he was in a park in St. Louis with his family when the ships arrived in orbit. Shortly after the Pale Wars began, Nolan was present at the Battle of St. Louis where his family was killed. (Past Is Prologue, Pilot, A View from the Trenches)

Military service

Nolan joined the Earth Military Coalition graduating from Ranger School at Fort Benning in 2023 and then the EMC Barack Obama Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg in 2024 before he was assigned to the 9th mechanized division. He was a Private First Class serving near Oklahoma City when half of his unit was killed and he received a battlefield promotion to Corporal. Nolan met Jon Cooper in the Iron Demons and was in Yosemite Valley in 2029 and took part in the Yosemite Massacre. He was in San Francisco attempting to get some civilians squatting in The Palace of Fine Arts to leave before the Ekaru Kome arrived and killed them. When an innocent Castithan woman was killed, Nolan and Cooper went out into the battlefield to retrieve her body and met with members of the Ekaru Kome. Both groups felt that this mindless killing had to stop. Nolan fought during the Battle of Defiance and shortly afterwards was sent with the rest of his unit to Denver in an attempt to stifle word of their defiance from spreading. (A View from the Trenches, Past Is Prologue, Journal of Renee Kirby, Earth Military Coalition Confidential)


Nolan's military record

Shortly after the end of the Pale Wars, Nolan's unit raided an Idaka Church and killed the members who were using a young Irathient girl, Irisa, as part of their ritual. Nolan took this girl to a medical unit in an EMC camp but when he learned that she would end up in a refugee camp he attempted to smuggle her out. When Eddie Braddock discovered what he was doing he helped by creating a distraction so they could get away. Nolan and Irisa hid in an old camper van until they were found by an EMC Soldier. Irisa, however, killed him with a knife and they escaped. Nolan and Irisa joined Von Bach Industries Bay Area Expedition and were aboard the EMS New Freedom when it was attacked and crashed in Mount Tam. They both ejected and got their hands on a Roller, seeking out technology to sell to get themselves to Antarctica. (No Man, Loose Ends Unravel, The Watchman, The Searcher, Main Mission:Recovery Mission)

With the help of an Ark Hunter they recovered some resources in an Arkfall but it was not enough, so they took a job from Varus Soleptor in recovering the Libera Nova Gem from North Point Mine. Realizing the apparent value to the Gem and what they could retrieve with it, they took the gem and left the Bay Area, tracking a large piece of Ark debris which contained a Terra-spire. They used the gem to retrieve the Terrasphere inside but were stopped from leaving by Spirit Riders. Forcing to leave their Roller behind, they fled from the Spirit Riders who shot Irisa, forcing Nolan to carry her. He buried the Terrasphere in the woods where he was attacked by Saberwolves, but luckily was saved by Garret Clancy and Lawkeepers from Defiance. (Episode Mission:A Little Competition, Episode Mission:The Searchers, Episode Mission:The Heist, Episode Mission:The Departed, Pilot)


Nolan with Kenya

Nolan and Irisa were treated by Dr. Yewll and handcuffed to their beds by Tommy Lasalle. Clancy had Nolan uncuffed, however he had already picked the cuffs, and was taken to meet the town mayor, Amanda Rosewater, who asked him about his relationship with Irisa. Nolan wanted his weapon back and Amanda told him that he would get it back when he left, however Nolan told her that he needed money for a Roller, so she suggested that he get a job at the NeedWant if he wanted money. He and Irisa went to the NeedWant and met with Kenya Rosewater who told him that if he wanted quick money he should visit the Hollows. They discovered an underground fighting competition and Nolan volunteered, however Datak Tarr, the owner of the establishment, substituted a Bio-man for the Castithan fighter. Nolan fought the Bio-man and pretended to be losing but then hit the Bio-man's deactivation switch and won the fight. Datak Tarr was not happy with Nolan's "low blow" and so took back most of the money, Nolan used the remains for a bath and new clothes then visited Kenya and the two had sex. (Pilot)

Nolan goes with Rafe to Old St. Louis

When Nolan saw Rafe McCawley and his men confronting Alak Tarr about the death of Luke, Rafe's son, he stepped in a stopped it, however in the process Clancy was shot and killed. Nolan offered his services in tracking down the real murderer, with Rafe offering 20,000 in reward. At the crime scene Nolan found Indogene implant fluid and deduced what happened, Amanda realizing that her assistant Ben Daris was responsible. He and Amanda tracked Ben, discovering that he was working with the Volge, who were on their way to Defiance. With their money in hand, Nolan and Irisa left the town and grabbed the Terrasphere, catching sight of a large Volge force approaching the town. Nolan decided that the Terrasphere could help them and Irisa became upset at him once again ruining their chance at wealth and left. Nolan organized a fighting force to distract the Volge long enough to draw them into Bissel Pass where the Terrasphere could be used to wipe them out. The battle was not going well until Irisa returned having brought the Spirit Riders with her, managing to draw in the Volge and wipe them out. Nolan was happy that Irisa returned to help and then was offered the Chief Lawkeeper position in the town. (Pilot)

Nolan roughs up Datak

When Nolan witnessed a Castithan Cleansing ceremony taking place he put a stop to it but was later told my Amanda that to preserve the peace he should not interfere with other species traditions. After Ben Daris escaped into the McCawley Mines he went with Rafe and his men to track him down, finding that he Ben planned to detonate a bomb in the old nuclear reactor thus causing radiation to affect Defiance. A series of Hellbug attacks lead Nolan to investigate the fact they are appear to be planned. When Irisa strangely runs off Nolan goes after her and they discover that she possesses the ability to witness events - both in the past and the present. With this new ability Irisa was able to locate Rynn, the Irathient directing the Hellbugs to attack, and Nolan and others went after her. Nolan used explosives to kill the Hellbug Matron and pacify the hive. (Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, The Devil In The Dark)

Nolan shoots Madis

Nolan and Irisa stop some guns being smuggled into town by Datak. When Kenya goes missing Nolan helps Amanda locate her but when he ruffs up Datak for information Datak refuses to help. Amanda makes a compromise to allow Datak on the town council to show him some respect and so he works with Nolan on locating Ulysses by talking to a Castithan named Skevur. Nolan catches on that Datak had planned to make it look like he was able to get information from Skevur when Nolan could not so Datak just had Skevur tell him where Ulysses was. Nolan arrived in time to shoot Ulysses before he killed Kenya. Later Nolan accompanied Amanda with Scrip to be used to pay for the Mag-Lev train to Yuma, along with Olfin Tennety, an E-Rep ambassador, when they were ambushed by bandits. Nolan works with Amanda to get the scrip back and rescue Tennety. (A Well Respected Man, The Serpent's Egg)

Nolan runs into Eddie Braddock when he arrests Pol Madis in town; Nolan becomes angry when he find out who Madis and what he is wanted for and why Braddock did not tell him. When Madis escapes Nolan and Braddock go looking for him and stop by Datak's house. Nolan realizes something is wrong when Datak is overly nice and courteous to him and so he and Braddock follow him when he leaves town and discover he was forced to help Madis escape. After he learns that Madis is wanted by E-Rep so he can make weapons, Nolan shoots Madis dead and Braddock instead tries to take Nolan to get the bounty that Varus placed on him. When E-Rep arrives Braddock instead tells them that he shot Madis so Nolan could continue to look after Irisa. Nolan goes with Irisa after she says that she had another vision and learn that the town is in danger of a Razor Rain storm. During the storm he discovers that Sukar has been travelling all over town and stealing and tracks him down to the Gateway Arch, where they fight and Sukar is badly injured. (Brothers In Arms, Good Bye Blue Sky)

Nolan's unconsciousness saves his life

Nolan and Tommy examine a piece of an Ark that falls down outside town and locate a long-thought-dead Gordon McClintock and bring him back to town. Nolan takes him to Rafe's house and they along with Amanda tell Gordon what happened to Earth. During the night Gordon attacked Amanda and Nolan stops him; it is revealed that Gordon is an Indogene sleeper agent and he escapes. When viral hemorrhagic fever breaks out in town Nolan travels with Connor Lang outside of the town to pick up he cure for the disease and have to talk there way through an E-Rep blockade. On their way back they are ambushed by some Irathients who want their people freed but Nolan falls unconscious due to the disease and does not witness how Datak saves him and the town. When Hunter Bell, the former owner of the NeedWant is found dead inside one of the walls, Nolan does not want to investigate Tommy's theory that someone killed him. Later when Jered Kikema is found dead as well, Nolan realizes that he was killed by oxygen poisoning and that former mayor Nicolette Riordon was the one behind it. (I Just Wasn't Made For These Times, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, The Bride Wore Black)

Nolan dies

During the mayoral debate Kupak Kurr uses a paintball gun to try to shoot Amanda in the face and humiliate her, Nolan sees him with a gun and shoots at him. A scandal arises due to Nolan shooting him dead and Datak gets information about Nolan's past at Yosemite and exposes it to hurt Amanda's reputation. Nolan tells Amanda that she should fire him in order to win the election but she refuses so Nolan decides to leave town. As he is preparing to leave Irisa falls ill and he rushes her to Dr. Yewll's who tells him that there are parasites in her. During a surgery to remove them Irisa escapes and Nolan find her the next day with the other Irathients learning that she had an advanced artefact implants in her which can be used to control a powerful weapon. Irisa is arrested by E-Rep and Nolan goes to rescue her, during their getaway Nolan is shot and dies. Irisa goes down in the mines and uses the weapon to heal Nolan and bring him back to life; he arises to find Irisa gone and the town being invaded by hundreds of E-Rep soldiers. (Past Is Prologue, Everything Is Broken)

Search for Irisa

Nolan immediately set out in search of Irisa, he initially believed that she had been captured by a Votan trafficking ring that he followed from the Great Lake and down to Hope Springs and NORAD. He made his way back to the Bay Area in search of these traffickers and ran into the ark hunter who helped him get the Libera Nova Gem, who promptly punched Nolan in the stomach. With the ark hunters help Nolan worked on discovering that it was the 99ers kidnapping Irathients and recovered a Cyborg memory core which Nolan got Rosa Rodriguez to inspect. They discovered that a member of the Idaka Church, Kihako, was the new leader of the 99ers and Nolan and the ark hunter went into Mine 99 to stop her. Nolan got to work tracking down members of the Idaka Church. Nolan made it to The Shaming Rack near Denver where he made contact with Lenny, an old friend. The two of them perpetrated a ruse where Lenny sold Nolan to Moruku, a member of the Idaka Church and Nolan managed to get Moruku to tell him where Daigo was hiding. (No Man, Episode Mission:Traffic Report, Episode Mission:Digging Up Miners, Episode Mission:A Miner Cult, Loose Ends Unravel, The Watchman, The Watchman, The Searcher)


Nolan rescues Kenya

Morality and Wisdom

"She was in a bad situation. I rescued her and raised her."
— Joshua Nolan

Nolan was a career military soldier willing to follow orders even when forced to kill possibly innocent people in an effort to complete his job. Despite being part of the Defiant Few Nolan does not appear to be one who believes that all the races can get along having some reservations about many of the Votan races but does have trust of many singular Votans. He is also very protective of people he cares about and willing to protect those in danger. (Past Is Prologue, Pilot, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, A Well Respected Man)

Abilities and Skills

Nolan shoots

Nolan has strong skills in hand-to-hand combat, capable of holding his own against many races including Biomen, and skills in numerous weapons both traditional Earth weapons as well as Votan weaponry. He is also fluent in Kastíthanu and l'Irathi. (Pilot, Good Bye Blue Sky, Past Is Prologue)



Nolan and Irisa
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