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Karl Von Bach
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Von Bach Industries


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Todd Haberkorn

"With this ark-core and the rest of the technology that I'll find in the Bay Area, I will repair this world. And be its hero, of course."
— Karl Von Bach - Recovery Mission

Karl Von Bach is a male Human, owner and CEO of Von Bach Industries and brother of Conrad Von Bach.


Early life

Von Bach is found

Von Bach used to work at a company called Dynamech, until he left to join his father's company - Von Bach Industries. VBI developed technology which detected the Votan Ark fleet and when the Pale Wars started, Von Bach was responsible for creating some of the most deadly weaponry used in the war earning him the nickname "Death's Merchant". Von Bach came into possession of an Ark-Core and began a search for an intact Ark-Matrix and Ark-Cell in order to start up a Terra-spire and discover a means to fix Earth. (VBI Introduction, Loading screen, Main Mission:Recovery Mission)

Bay Area Expedition

Von Bach is attacked

Von Bach recruited Ark Hunters to accompany him to the Bay Area on an expedition to find the missing pieces of arktech. Nearing their destination, the stratocarrier he was aboard was shot down and crashed into Mount Tam. Von Bach ejected and landed near Bloodbath Gorge and when he emerged he found himself surrounded by Mutants, so he headed north into the Gorge and found his way into Delta Bunker West, hiding inside a locker until he was found and rescued by Cass Ducar and an ark hunter. He was taken to Iron Demon Ranch to be under the protection of Lawkeeper Jon Cooper. (Main Mission:Recovery Mission, Main Mission:All Roads Lead to Bloodbath, Main Mission:Into the Depths, Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper)

When Iron Demon Ranch was attacked by the Raiders, Von Bach was hit and the ark-core was taken, however luckily Jon Cooper managed to get it back. Deciding it was not safe there, he took Von Bach to Ara Shondu's place despite his reservations about going to a former Votanis Collective politician for help as she might take the core. Ara introduced Von Bach to Varus Soleptor who offered to sell information about the possible location of the Ark-Matrix in exchange for Von Bach's ark hunter helping him get the Raiders off his property. Von Bach later accompanied the ark hunter and Cooper to confront Varus when it was discovered that he had the matrix all along. When the matrix was taken by Dark Matter, Von Bach was insistent on finding the Ark-Core before Dark Matter does. (Main Mission:Collateral Damage Expected, Main Mission:A Faustian Bargain, Main Mission:Safe No More, Main Mission:Down at the Docks)

Von Bach is taken over

Von Bach went with Cooper and waited outside Union Depot while the ark hunter went in to retrieve Rosa Rodriguez's technology to aid in locating the ark-cell. He went with the ark hunter to Top-Notch Toolworks and met with Rosa and her colleague Eren Niden, where Von Bach was hesitant that the young Rosa could help him but was inpressed when Rosa managed to track down the cell. When the missing cell was connected to Varus, Von Bach sent the ark hunter to try to find out where it was now. After it was discovered that Joe Teach had the cell and Eren had went looking for him, Rosa wanted to go after her and asked the ark hunter for help. Von Bach said that they would be unless anything happened that compromised the cell. (Main Mission:An Unexpected Delay, Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery, Main Mission:Distress Call, Main Mission:Something Wicked This Way Comes)

Search for the matrix

Nim chokes Von Bach

When Von Bach connected the cell to the core he became infected with the cores AI, unknown to the others. Von Bach went with Cooper to Headlands Transit Depot to meet with Torc Mok. Once again Von Bach was disappointed by the help that Torc appeared to be able to lend but was once again proven wrong when Torc revealed the massive arsenal of weapons he had. Von Bach later found himself at the mercy of the Raiders and Dark Matter who were after the core but he was saved before they took it from him. Torc wanted to take out the local Raider leader but Von Bach did not believe that it would help in locating the ark-matrix, that is until Torc attacked him and locked him inside his hidden weapon compartment, telling him that taking out the Raiders was their best bet. (Main Mission:Thorn In Their Side, Main Mission:Old Friends, Old Swords, Main Mission:Strange Bedfellows, Main Mission:Cut Off the Head...)

Von Bach lives!

Before they could go looking for the ark-matrix, they discovered that Dark Matter had taken control of a Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System, a very dangerous weapon, and they needed to take it back. Von Bach helped guide Torc through hacking the system and taking control of it, helping form a grudging repsect between the two. With the weapon on their side, they crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to head into San Francisco but were stopped by Dark Matter and their leader Nim Shondu who took the core from Von Bach. The cores AI took control of Von Bach, siezed Coopers weapon and fired it at Nim. Nim was unfazed by the attack and instead grabbed Von Bach and hurled him through a large gap in the bridge and to his death in the waters below. Unknown to them all Von Bach survived and washed ashore a small beach, where the cores AI once again took control of his body. (Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future, Main Mission:Into the Heart of Darkness, Main Mission:Defiance)

A New Man

Von Bach was taken control of by the AI LOCI and set up residence in Silicon Valley where he created a series of new EGO devices. He sent out radio signals to the people of Paradise inviting them to Twin Peaks Station in San Francisco where he would give them the EGO devices and invite them to join him in Silicon Valley. When the ark hunter came to see Von Bach, he told the ark hunter that he deserved "to know the path to true freedom." When Von Bach's EGO devices hacked the ark hunter's one, Cass came in and pointed her gun at him. Von Bach told her that like her he was afraid of what he doesn't understand. Von Bach watched as Cass and the ark hunter left. Von Bach contacted Rosa about speaking to Eren, she told him that anything she had to say to Eren, he could say to her. Von Bach asks her and Eren to join him in Silicon Valley as he has learned that there is an assassin coming for Eren. (Main Mission:Alter Ego: Proof of Life, Main Mission:Alter Ego: Enter the Master, Intel:Happy Returns)

He continued to provide EGO devices to people, infecting them with LOCI's presence but eventually managed to regain control and contacted his ark hunter for help. He offered information on who The Grid were and how to stop them. Eren Niden and the ark hunter located Von Bach and Eren managed to purge the EGO device from his body. He helped the ark hunter track down information on what LOCI was doing, finding out that he intended to take his pilgrims to Alpha Centauri using an intact Ark module, an action that would crack Earth down to the mantle. Von Bach joined Cass Ducar and the ark hunter to infiltrate the module and stop LOCI; he left the ark hunter to defeat Yargad Gorhash and stop the ark from being launched. (Intel:Sound Mind and Body, Main Mission:Possession: Bach to Square One, Main Mission:Possession: A Voice in the Dark, Main Mission:Possession: Beneath Two Stars, Main Mission:Aftermath: Until the Arks Rise)


Von Bach works with Rosa

Morality and Wisdom

"And his sidekick, the super genius scientist who holds the future of technology in his hand."
— Karl Von Bach - A Disturbing Discovery

Von Bach is very confident in his abilities to a point of arrogance, he frequently informs people of his abilities likening himself to a genius and a hero. His confidence often puts him at odds with others who he does not see as on his intellectual level and also harbors some misogynistic tendencies believing that women are not equal to him. Despite his flaws he has his sights set on quite possibly the most difficult task on Earth - undo the terraforming. (Main Mission:Recovery Mission, Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery, Main Mission:Into the Depths, Main Mission:Enter the Lawkeeper)

Abilities and Skills

Von Bach and Varus Soleptor

Von Bach has advanced skills in many technological fields particularly weapons development and computer skills. He is also one of the few Humans on Earth who has an advanced knowledge of Votan technology. Von Bach also has some medical condition which caused him to lose all of his head hair. (Game Guide: Key Characters, Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future, Main Mission:A Disturbing Discovery)



  • Unnamed - Father





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