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Lock Box

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Lock Box.png

A Lock Box is a sealed container containing mystery items that are recovered from Arkfalls.


Lockbox logo.png

Lock Boxes can contain high tier grade weapons, grenades, items, and even scrip. Lock Boxes are unlocked using Keycodes and scrip or Bits.


Item Ark Salvage Keycodes Scrip Bits
10 Keycodes 10,000 Ark Salvage 1,000 Scrip
5 Keycodes 5,000 Ark Salvage 1,000 Scrip
Keycode 1,000 Ark Salvage 1,000 Scrip
Mod Hoard 64 Keycodes 3,000 Scrip - or - 600 Bits
Jackpot Lock Box 70 Keycodes 3,750 Scrip - or - 500 Bits
Tier 2 Lock Box 8 Keycodes 1,000 Scrip - or - 120 Bits
Tier 3 Lock Box 24 Keycodes 2,000 Scrip - or - 240 Bits
Tier 4 Lock Box 64 Keycodes 3,000 Scrip - or - 400 Bits



A free lock box comes with the Defiance Deluxe Digital, Collector's Physical and Ultimate Physical Pre-orders.