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Nicolette "Nicky" Riordon
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Mayor (past)


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Fionnula Flanagan

"Well, you told me everything that I wanted to hear. You were my inspiration."
Meh Yewll - The Bride Wore Black

Nicolette "Nicky" Riordon was a female Indo-sapiens, an undercover Votan agent, the former mayor of Defiance and a mentor to Amanda Rosewater.


Nicky was an Indogene who was altered to appear Human, infiltrating the Earth Military Coalition and working as a quartermaster during the Pale Wars. After the war she served as a low-level clerk with the newly formed Earth Republic. Nicky believed that the Gateway Arch in St. Louis should continue to exist and so took an expedition here, actually a cover for her search of the Kaziri. It was here she met Rafe McCawley, who had a small mining operation. When the town of Defiance was founded, Nicky was elected as its first mayor and suggested to Rafe that the Arch should be resurfaced and repaired as a testament to humanity's resilience. Due to the damage, Nicky was forced to turn to a group of Indogene engineers to help fix the arch. Nicky began an affair with Rafe and when Rafe discovered his wife, who had untreated bi-polar disorder, buttering Quentins toast with rat poison she stopped him from shooting her. Nicky also began working with Solomon Birch and Dr. Meh Yewll on locating the Kelovan‏ and finding the Kaziri. (History of the Gateway Arch in Defiance, If I Ever Leave This World Alive)

Nicky finds Quentin working on the drawings

Nicky was being examined by Dr. Yewll when Hunter Bell saw a scan of her arm and deduced that she was not Human. He tried to blackmail her but she instead killed him, then got Jered Kikema to help hide his body in the walls of the NeedWant. She served as mayor for 9 years until 2046 when she was told that she had Cancer and stepped down, appointing her assistant Amanda Rosewater as her successor. She left town to see her niece in Cedars while Birch helped orchestrate a Volge attack on the town, in order to get to the Kaziri. When the plan failed, Birch had Ben Daris try to detonate a weapon in the nuclear reactor in old St. Louis to destroy the town, despite Nicky's objections. When Nicky saw Quentin studying cave drawings that were down in the mines, she believed that Quentin had found the Kelovan‏ and so sent Birch to break in and steal it. (The Bride Wore Black, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Pilot, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, Brothers In Arms)

Yewll poisons Nicky

When a Razor Rain storm approached Defiance, Nicky sought shelter at the McCawley Residence as a ploy to discover what had happened to Birch. She cut her finger and put some blood on a pillow and then showed it to Rafe, who then told her that he shot Birch as he was tresspassing, however she knew that he would never had admitted it if he did so he knew that someone else had done it. Before she left she called out to Quentin and told him to come to her if he wanted to know what really happened to his mother. Quentin later came to her to find out; she told him that he had to hand over the Kelovan‏ and then she told him where she was located - Mendocino. Later she spoke with Dr. Yewll and asked Yewll to come back and work with her again. When the body of Hunter Bell was found, Nicky killed Jered Kikema to hide the truth. Yewll could not stand for this and so injected Nicky with a toxin to kill her and then faked a suicide. (Good Bye Blue Sky, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, The Bride Wore Black)


Nicky tries to blackmail Rafe, Rafe responds
Nicky bludgeons Hunter Bell

Morality and Wisdom

"You psycho piece of shtako."
Meh Yewll - The Bride Wore Black

Nicky was very strong willed and will have done whatever needs to be done to accomplish her goals even if it requires the killing of innocent people in large numbers. During her time undercover she did form emotional attachments to many people but was entirely willing to abandon those people, break those attachments and allow friends to die in her pursuits. She often engaged in manipulation, murder, subterfuge and blackmail to find allies. (Pilot, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, Good Bye Blue Sky)

Abilities and Skills

Nicky possesses larger than normal intellectual abilities due to her unique physiology, despite her physical shortcomings associated with her Human body. As an Indo-sapiens Nicky most likely speaks all of the Votan languages. (The Bride Wore Black, Pilot, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go)