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Noah Grant
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Noah Grant - List of Appearances

"...I am a career military man and my sole duty in life is to serve the Earth Republic."
— Noah Grant - Gut Check

Captain Noah Grant is a male Human, a member of the Earth Republic Army and the leader of the Republic Ranger Black Hawks.


Grant turned down a promotion with the ER Army so he could continue to lead combat missions with the Black Hawks. He was assigned as leader of the Bay Area Expedition escorting Karl Von Bach and a number of Ark Hunters to the Bay Area, despite his reservations about the man. He had to remind Von Bach that the Earth Republic was not a limousine service and that he could not order around the E-Rep troops. Grant survived the crash of the EMS New Freedom and immediately began ordering his troops to find as many survivors as possible. He sent an ark hunter to help him in rescuing the survivors and in return he agreed to help find Von Bach. Grant was also very interested in Cass Ducar and what she knew about the area. (Loading screen, Data Recorder:Gut Check, Main Mission:Recovery Mission, Main Mission:Chaos Reigns)

Grant and Cass

Grant sent the ark hunter to take care of some Mutant snipers attacking the rescue teams, sent the ark hunter to help find some medical supplies, and then with Cass's help reactivate and reconfigure KTAM Radio Station to be used to establish communications with New York. Once communcations were fixed, Grant sent the ark hunter to track lost survivors. Cass located some missing soldiers on Angel Island and went with some ark hunters to find them, Cass leaving to find more help and bringing Grant himself to the island; unknown to Cass and the ark hunters, one of the soldiers was Grant's son. When Cass and the ark hunter located Von Bach, Grant sent them to Jon Coopers place in Madera to keep Von Bach safe. (Main Mission:Sniper's Ridge, Main Mission:Raid the Medicine Cabinet, Main Mission:We're on the Air, Main Mission:Fine Tuning, Main Mission:Kith and Kinship, Island of Lost Soldiers, Main Mission:Into the Depths)

Grant commands

Grant discovered that the EMS New Freedom had been shot down using a Nova-Strike Orbital Defense System and passed the information on to Cooper. Grant moved his men into San Francisco to help in stopping Nim Shondu and Dark Matter from activating a terra-spire. Grant and his men worked to get ready for an assault on Dark Matter forces and was angered when his men were unable to capture the Downtown area, one of vital strategic importance, so he sent in the ark hunter to take them out, hoping that his view of ark hunter's abilities would once again be proven wrong. Grant organized his troops for the attack, directing his men, the Monolith mech that Rosa Rodriguez had taken control of, the Scrappers that Eren Niden took control of and the ark hunter. (Main Mission:Seize the Day, Control the Future, Main Mission:A Series of Problems, Main Mission:No Finer Place, Main Mission:Defiance)

After New York was destroyed and the Earth Republic fell, Grant worked with Ara Shondu on turning Alcatraz into a staging area to help displaced refugees find a new home in the Bay Area. A year later, Grant was contacted by Captain Enar, the new leader of Dark Matter, who had brought the group back into the Votanis Collective and asked for help in stopping a renegade faction of the group, the Neo Votanis Front, from starting another war; He sent the ark hunter to meet with Enar. Later he sent a unit to help the ark hunter fight against the NVF forces. He set up an artillery barrage that was fired at the Monterey Peninsula Aquarium after the ark hunter managed to disable the NVF defenses there. (Main Mission:Season 3: The First Expedition, Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Dark Shadows, Main Mission:Dark Metamorphosis: Emergency Extraction, Main Mission:Operation Siren Song)


Morality and Wisdom

"Every soldier and every officer are important to me. Every single one."
— Noah Grant - Island of Lost Soldiers

Grant is a career military man who follows the orders he is given with very little, if any, questions or doubts as to what he has been asked to do. He is very loyal to the Earth Republic, the army and to the soldiers and officers under his command, making deals with others outside the army for help in protecting the things he is loyal to. He does not appear to harbor any resentment or hostility towards the Votans but only to those that threaten his ideals. (Data Recorder:Gut Check, Island of Lost Soldiers, Main Mission:Chaos Reigns, Main Mission:Defiance)

Grant and Von Bach

Abilities and Skills

Grant is an effective leader who uses his experience to get the job done. He is well adapt at many situations and will do what he needs in order to protect others. Grant is also skilled in some weapons usage capable of critically hitting a target at a distance. (Main Mission:Recovery Mission, Main Mission:Chaos Reigns, Main Mission:Defiance, Island of Lost Soldiers)