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Tennety Olfin
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The Serpent's Egg, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Bottom Of The World, History Rhymes


Jane McLean

"I also know you're a liar and a thief, and were you slightly more intelligent, you'd be a mass murderer too."
Niles Pottinger - Bottom Of The World

Tennety Olfin was a female Human and an Ambassador for the Earth Military Coalition and the Earth Republic.


She served in the Earth Military Coalition as an ambassador and in 2031 made a television appearance after the Pale Wars ended announcing that the Votanis Collective had been forced to come to the bargaining table. She came to work for the Earth Republic as an ambassador, married Kaspar and Ziggy and in 2046 sent a proposal to Defiance from the Earth Republic offering to replenish their anti-viral medicines and fuel rods for Vo-tech weapons in exchange for a mutual securities pact, however Amanda Rosewater turned it down. Repeated attempts to open negotiations by Olfin were met with more rejections. (History Rhymes, Pilot)

She came to Defiance with her husbands and arranged for Sy Preston to rob a Land Coach with the Scrip that Defiance had put together to pay for their section of the Mag-Lev and force Defiance to take a loan from the Earth Republic. She hid a Scrip chip hidden on Kaspar and when the coach was hijacked she refused to hand it over so Kaspar was shot. In the ensuing firefight, Olfin was taken by Preston and used as bait to get the scrip. Joshua Nolan managed to save her but she pulled a gun and was planning to kill Nolan and Amanda so Defiance would have to side with E-Rep. Rynn stopped her and she was arrested. An E-Rep officer came to Defiance to take her back to New York in cuffs, but it was a facade and Olfin was freed. (The Serpent's Egg)

Olfin continued to push her superior, Colonel Galen Marsh, to have Amanda Rosewater removed from office. She came to the town to help oversee the blockade when Viral hemorrhagic fever broke out, ordering the E-Rep soldiers to aim their weapons at Nolan and Connor Lang when they came to retrieve medicine, however she was overruled by Colonel Marsh. In 2047 she married two men, Cyrus and Jermaine, and took them with her to Defiance for a tour of the McCawley Mines, which was now under the control of the Earth Republic. While on the tour a Votan Trembler was detonated, collapsing past of the mine and she hit on the back of her head and died. (I Just Wasn't Made For These Times, If I Ever Leave This World Alive, Bottom Of The World)