Presidio Bunker

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Presidio Bunker
Presidio Bunker map.png

San Francisco, Bay Area

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Presidio Bunker is an underground bunker in San Francisco in the Bay Area.


Presidio Bunker is located underneath northwest San Francisco accessed through Presidio Station. The bunker extends deep underground and connects to a Terra-spire that crashed into the surface near Fort Defiance.


The Earth Military Coalition built the bunker at some point before the Votans arrived. During the Pale Wars it was abandoned and later found by members of the Iron Demons who accessed the terra-spire from here. In 2046 Dark Matter took control of the bunker and used it to get to the terra-spire. Jon Cooper, Torc Mok, Cass Ducar and an Ark Hunter moved through the bunker taking out Dark Matter forces and the Ark Hunter went ahead to fight Nim Shondu and disable the terra-spire. Melak Vor and Echelon mercenaries broke into the bunker to steal the terraforming munitions inside, but were attacked by The Grid; the Ark Hunter entered the bunker and took out the mercs and Melak. (Main Mission:Defiance, Main Mission:Aftermath: The Passion of Melak Vor)