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"Sensoths have the longest life span of all the Votan races, often living as long as two centuries. This has made them a very patient people."
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The Sensoth are one of the Votan races.



Sensoth bodyguard

Sensoth are strong, large and tall, have extended lower jaws and a large amount of hair on their faces and body. They live to be much older than the other Votan races sometimes as long as two centuries. They prefer to live at a much slower pace than others, speaking and acting slowly due in part to their long lives. Sensoth have hair called Nibray locks which they grow at a young age.(Loading screen, Defiance: Alien Races & Creatures, Data Recorder:The Day After Defiance)


Torc Mok, Sensoth soldier

The Sensoth are considered less politically-connected than the Castithans, Irathients and the Indogene. Sensoth on Earth get along with all the races fairly well, some even joining with the Raiders. Due to their strength they are often employed as laborers and bodyguards. Their long life means they are always planning out things and taking their time with whatever they are doing. They are not without humor, but their practical jokes are always designed to unfold over time. They fought with the Votanis Collective forces during the Pale Wars. (New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World, Fun Facts: Season 1, Episode 7)


Sensoth evolved on the planet Irath and lived in the Great Tarnalin Forest. Every 76 years the Sensoth would be raided by the Omec who would take many of them as slaves or food. Over time they established trade relations with other races and took part in the War of Six, siding with the other Votans to force the Omec back to their planet. Eventually Castithan raiding parties began invading their land and forcing many Sensoth into slave work or conscripting them into their armies. A number of Sensoth journeyed to Earth aboard the Arks, some still in service to their Castithan masters who they view as family. (World of 2047: Alien Races & Cultures, The Last Unicorns)

Known Sensoth


  • Sensothian is used when referencing Sensoth-specific objects. (Side Mission:Tools of the Trade)
  • Sensoth face costumes are a hybrid of prosthetics and animatronics. It has a fiberglass under-skull and the mouth, lips and jaw are articulated by radio-controlled servomotors attached to cables. (Fun Facts: Season 1, Episode 1)