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Stahma Tarr
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Jaime Murray


Jaime Murray

"You know, I've had my eye on the wrong snake. You're the dangerous one."
Joshua Nolan

Stahma Tarr is a female Castithan, the wife of Datak Tarr and the mother of Alak Tarr.


Early life

Stahma and Datak

Stahma lived on Casti for some time before the Votans left for Earth among one of the highest liros. During her youth she was a performer who spoke a kind of poetry, even having a small, loyal fanbase until her father disapproved and she had to stop. Before she left Casti her parents went to great lengths to ensure that she was engaged to a man from one of the highest classes who accompanied her aboard one of the Arks. Only able to take three items aboard the Arks she took her family gem, her diary and her Telo. During the journey she met Datak, who pursued her aggressively, and Stahma's betrothed challenged him to a blood duel but was accidentally blown out of an airlock on the way to the duel; allowing Stahma to marry Datak. (Pilot, Good Bye Blue Sky, Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, The Bride Wore Black)


"You're the dangerous one."

Stahma and Datak had a son and named him Alak. They moved to Defiance after the Pale Wars from at least 2039 where Datak established himself as an underworld crime boss, affording Stahma the life she was once accustomed to. Stahma had the ability to manipulate her husband in order to gain more power for herself and her family. She attended the Armistice Day celebrations with her family and then comforted her husband who was upset that Rafe McCawley was more powerful and more liked by the townspeople than him. When Datak had to attend to some "business" with Elah Bandik, Stahma distracted his two children, so they would not witness their father being hurt. Stahma convinced Datak that allowing Alak to marry Christie McCawley would be beneficial to them, should something happen to Rafe and Quentin Christie would inherit the McCawley Mines and would have to turn to her new family for help. (The Bride Wore Black, Pilot)

Stahma sleeps with Kenya

Stahma was bathing with Datak when Alak arrived and was concerned that Christie may call off the wedding to appease her father, comforting him and telling him that she will take care of it. Stahma later met with Christie and told her the story of how her parents arranged her marriage and how she met Datak and told her that sometimes family does not know what is best. Stahma had dinner with her family and Christie noting the nice appearance of Christie's attempt at a Votan River Otter. When Kenya Rosewater was kidnapped, Joshua Nolan and Amanda Rosewater came to Datak for information but Datak refused to help; Stahma spoke with Amanda and told her that her husband was prideful and that appealing to that by putting him on the town council would get his help. Nolan told Stahma that he has realized that she is the dangerous one that he should be keeping his eyes on - Stahma considered it a complement. (Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go, The Devil In The Dark, A Well Respected Man)

Stahma went to see Kenya at the NeedWant to ask her to teach her son in the bedroom arts in order to please Christie but when Kenya was surprised and amused at her request, Stahma felt shamed. Kenya tried to make it up to her and asked her to join her for a drink; Stahma sharing things from her past. Eventually this conversation became a physical event and the two started a sexual relationship. Later, when Kenya refused to be with Datak, Stahma spoke with Kenya and asked her why to which Kenya replied that she would not take part in something that hurt Stahma. During an outbreak of viral hemorrhagic fever Stahma helped her husband become the leader of the town during a crisis when Amanda became ill. (Good Bye Blue Sky, I Just Wasn't Made For These Times, If I Ever Leave This World Alive)

Stahma and Christie
Stahma poisons Kenya

The day before Alak and Christie's wedding Staham visited Christie and gave her the Telo that she had brought with her. Later when learning that Christie did not want to wear it, Stahma made her an old-world Human bridal veil and was happy that Christie had defied Castithan tradition. Stahma passed along information to Kenya that Datak was planning on having Amanda shot at the mayoral debate, however this was a ploy to get Nolan to shoot and cause a scene. Kenya told Stahma that she would tell Datak about them but Stahma told her that he already knew. Unbeknownst to her he did know and told her that he would kill her if she was not his wife. Stahma was told to kill Kenya and so she tricked her into meeting her in Edmund Field where she poisoned Kenya. Stahma returned to find her husband having killed Colonel Galen Marsh and comforted him knowing that the Earth Republic would come for him. (The Bride Wore Black, Past Is Prologue, Everything Is Broken)

Stahma traveled to the Bay Area and began working with Varus Soleptor; after a shipment meant for Stahma was stolen by the Raiders she demanded a replacement, but he assured her that the original would be retrieved. After the ark hunter stopped the Raiders but the shipment was destroyed, Stahma told Varus that a new shipment must be delivered to Defiance and that he will not be charging her anything and he agreed. (Episode Mission:A Milk Run, Episode Mission:Hidden in Plain Sight)


Morality and Wisdom

"I love Datak because of his cruelty."
— Stahma Tarr

Stahma has both repsect for the traditions of Castithans, willing to maintain the roles that she is expected and ensuring that her husband and family are seen in a positive light; but she is also open to changing and opposing some of these traditions in order to please herself. She is devoted to her family and her liro and sees herself and her family as the upper class of Defiance and so deserving of everyone's respect. (Past Is Prologue, A Well Respected Man, Everything Is Broken, Good Bye Blue Sky)

Abilities and Skills

Stahma comforts Alak

Stahma is very adapt at manipulating people in order to get her way pretending to be the simple Castithan wife and mother and subtly making people see things the way that she wants them to. Stahma has some skills in acting and performing, once good enough to have a fanbase. As a Castithan she is fluent in Kastíthanu. (Pilot, The Bride Wore Black, Past Is Prologue, Good Bye Blue Sky)





  • Stahma is 5'5" tall and weighs approximately 120lbs. [1]