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This article is about the Votan colony. For the Votanis System star, see Sulos (star).
Sulos before.jpg
Before colonization

Brazil, Earth

Under control of

Votanis Collective

Current status


Sulos is a Votan colony located in Brazil and capital of the Votanis Collective.


The colony was named after one of the stars of the Votanis System. When it was first established Sulos was a patch of land in Brazil roughly 1,560 kilometers in diameter, located next to the Amazon River. The colony has recreations of Irathient savannahs, Sensoth forests and Indogene crystal caverns. (U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil, World of 2047: 2047 Map)



On May 27, 2015 the United Nations General Assembly voted to give the Votans this area of land; this led to massive protests. The Votans used terraforming technology to turn it into a near-perfect replica of their homeworlds and invited Humans to come and marvel at their cities. When the Pale Wars broke out they closed their borders to everyone but their most trusted allies. (U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil, World of 2047: 2047 Map)