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"The Volge are a world-conquering species that was believed to have been left behind in the Votanis System."
EGO - Intel:The Volge

The Volge are a species of world-conquering aliens, sometimes considered as one of the Votan races.



The Volge stand over 8 feet tall and their bodies secret an organic armor which is very difficult to puncture. Their bodies also organically power their bionetic Cold-fire weapons. Volge do not process oxygen very well and require their armor to provide them with some protection. Volge are believed to reproduce with clone-like offspring through their DNA. (Intel:The Volge, Data Recorder:Kraag's Tall Tale, Data Recorder:Nasty War Machines) [1]


The Volge are a very warlike race and equally feared by Humans and other Votans. They wear organic armor, similar to an alloy native to their home planet, that have in-built weaponry. They are allied with no other races and carry out attacks on all of them, raiding to collect ark debris. They live in massive underground colonies. (Pilot, Intel:The Volge)



The Volge evolved on an unknown planet somewhere in the galaxy but eventually made their way to the Votanis System where they conquered the people of Omec and claimed the planet. When the other Votan races left for Earth, the Volge were deliberately left behind, however many of them managed to get aboard the Arks. The Volge first appeared on Earth around 2025 and were one of the warring factions during the Pale Wars, clashing with the Earth Military Coalition. Von Bach Industries built weapons for use against the Volge during the war. After the Armistice, they retreated into underground caverns and have rarely been seen since. In 2046 a massive group of Volge headed for Defiance and a battle was fought against them. The town used a Terrasphere to create a blast that wiped out the Volge force. Later Nico used a virtual Volge to scare Kenya Rosewater and Tirra in order to extract their adrenaline to make the Adreno drug. Some months later groups of Volge entered the Bay Area. (Pursuit:Volge Vindication, Nuclear Power comes to St. Louis, All in your Head, VBI Introduction, Pilot, A Well Respected Man, Pursuit:Volge Examination)