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Unidentified Votan race 02.jpg
Votans: Castithans and Sensoth

Votanis System


Kastíthanu, l'Irathi, Indojisnen, Yanga Kayang, others

Form of government

Votanis Collective


Earth Republic (tenative)



First appearance

Main Mission:Recovery Mission

"Although the Votanis Collective was initially formed by five Votan species, there are others present in their ranks such as the energy beings called the Gulanee."
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Votan is a collective term for eight different alien species.



Votans do not have independent mitochondria like Earth species. They have at least three different blood types G, X, and V. Votans share many physiological similarities with humans but are also very different; Votans it seems do not react to the same medications as Humans. (Intel:Making History, World of 2047: Alien Races & Cultures, Side Mission:The Hanging Bride)

Votan species


The Votans evolved on three different planets in the Votanis System. At some point the Castithans ventured into space and colonized another habitable planet in the system. Eventually a race known as the Volge arrived in the system and conquered the planet Omec. Around 5,000 years ago, the Indogenes discovered that their system was going to be destroyed and conveyed the news to the other races, however initially many refused to believe. Eventually they were forced with the prospect of being wiped out and so went to work building the Arks in order to escape to another world - they choose Earth, assuming that it was uninhabited. Word spread that the Arks would be incapable of taking all of the Votans and so they had to choose who would go - the Castithans choose only those who were of the upper class (although some lower class Castithans managed to get aboard), the Irathients participated in tribal combat and religious trials, the Indogene only picked their best and brightest and the other races were forced to fill in the gaps. Some of them however chose to remain behind with their dying world than face the unknown of a new one. (New Book Reveals Secrets of a Dying World)

The Votans spent approximately 5,000 years in Hypersleep aboard the Arks, journeying across space until they reached Earth on April 14th, 2013. When they arrived they were shocked to learn that Earth was inhabited. Indogene scientists studied television broadcasts in order to learn how to speak. A rogue element created undercover spies in order to infiltrate Earth and gather intelligence, however the project failed and they instead chose to make contact. The Votans choose an ambassador, Onulu Toruku, to represent them and he acted as their voice when they were admitted into the United Nations General Assembly. In 2015, the Votans were given a large plot of land in Brazil to colonize but this led to mass protests from Humans who were unsure of the Votans intentions. By 2022 a settlement agreement was being finalized for the Votans, however a Votan diplomat is killed on live television, and the Pale Wars began. (U.N. Grants Aliens Territory in Brazil, Inside Defiance: Episode 17)